October was Cybersecurity Awareness month and instead of talking about new technologies, X3 TEC would like to encourage IT individuals across all industries to become certified in Cybersecurity.

The methodology around leveraging people, process and technology is important as cyber attack vectors increase. Ten years ago a good Cybersecurity program was defined as having a good firewall and email filtering service. Times have changed with the advent of the cloud.

As a country, we are undoubtedly short on skilled labor in the Cybersecurity field and the trend towards cloud adoption and hacking as a service is not declining but acutely growing.

Take a look at the following link to see the benefits of a certification in Cybersecurity.


X3 TEC is helping organizations re-architect their Cybersecurity Management program to protect their most vital data applications and data from the rise in cloud-based threats. We help fill the gaps in organizations that lack a formal risk management program.

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