Aligning today’s technology with business initiatives takes time, resources, and expertise.

X3 TEC is a leading technology service brokerage that features a team of experts with 75+ years of combined experience delivering end-to-end service solutions. Recognized as a leader in Cloud Contact Center and PBX solution provisioning, X3 TEC’s expertise has focused primarily, in the areas of Cloud, Telco, and Cyber Security.

X3 TEC looks under the covers so you don’t have too.

Our team of experts work to provide you with in-depth audit services so that you have a much better understanding of what you are truly paying for.

Pricing and promotions change daily due to the competitive nature in the technology space and X3 TEC has the relationships with the major providers that allow us to stay on top of pricing changes in order to make sure you get the best available deal.

Regardless of the size or type of business, X3 TEC’s Solutions Architects will recommend the right remediation steps so that a client’s infrastructure is built correctly to support the business needs.

Not all services or service providers are the same.

The X3 TEC team of experts understands the challenges clients face and we apply industry leading best practices to vet out solutions. X3TEC’s Solution Architects can qualify each opportunity and, when qualified, help capture ICB pricing and special language that can be written into an agreement aligning any solution with the clients’ best interests.

And, as always,X3 TEC uses our vendor relationships and deep industry knowledge to help clients capture better SLA terms, contract end dates, all while working to decrease liabilities.

Too many sales organizations capture a signature on a contract and wipe their hands clean of the deal.

X3 TEC stands by you throughout the deployment process.

X3 TEC’s project management services are ready to assist you through your services implementation process. We work closely with the specific carr

  • Ensure your best interests are always represented
  • Expedite the provisioning process
  • Ensure that “go live” dates are kept

After X3 TEC has successfully helped you navigate the Analysis-Procurement-Deployment journey, we remain by your side to validate that the delivered product and/or services are up and running as expected.

Additionally, X3 TEC will conduct a 1st bill audit to ensure billing accuracy and to make sure you do not pay a penny more than you should. If an inaccuracy is found, X3 TEC will assist in opening billing tickets and taking the necessary steps to correct the error. Should credits be required, X3 TEC will work relentlessly to remediate the issue.

Unmatched Support

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