X3 Tec works with a large number of equipment providers. Our vendor relationships give us the ability to help customer source the best gear at the best cost. We also offer, and in many cases recommend, customers look at refurbished offerings to drive value and a rapid return on your investment.


The discussion around cloud technologies has moved past “if” an organization wlll go to the cloud. The decisions to be made are when, how, and with which partners will your organization take the next step.

X3 Tec supports private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions:

  • Do you need to find a cloud solution to improve your B2C app’s performance?
  • Do you need to manage applications across your clouds… and do it securely?
  • Do you need secure cloud access?

X3 Tec has the expertise, the experience, and the partnerships to help. We support all types of cloud initiatives including but not limited to hybrid, private and public cloud.


There will always be a need for telecom services. X3 has access to broker all the Tier 1 Voice and IP providers and over 200+ CLEC’s ILEC’s, resellers, and aggregators. We will work with you to understand your needs, the available options, and which solutions will have the greatest positive impact for your business.

Unmatched Support

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